To you.

This is perhaps my favourite time of the year. I begin this letter from one of the abandoned compartments of an airconditioned bogey, a humble offering of the Western Railways. It's only 7:45 in the morning, but the sun has no respite. I am protected from its glare by ten centimeters of toughened blue glass,... Continue Reading →


Great things were expected from Bocchi from the minute he was born. He was, after all, the only son of our leader, our messiah, our saviour. While Bocchi was a swift boy and far brighter than most kids his age, he was more like a jack of all trades. Over time no one had been... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Rollercoasters

Love. Or as you know it, Vasu. Vasu is difficult to love, but you pull through. And today is the fateful day you win your love over It’s scary. You know. But Vasu deserves it, you know that too. So you grit your teeth, and ball up your fists. There are seven obstacles in the... Continue Reading →

Mahabharata: Rising Action

Perhaps what I love the most about Mahabharata is the flawed nature of all its characters. Their grey features. Their is no cut-to-cut definition of dharma or 'right' in this text, for every circumstance, action and event has an indispensable backstory to it. And when you take all factors into consideration, there's hardly any space... Continue Reading →

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