I suppose this piece deserves a disclaimer.
Euphemism is a deliberate attempt at understating or gently putting a harsh or unpleasant idea. It’s antonym would be dysphemism or cacophemism, which is a calculated use of disparaging or offensive phrases to represent a largely inoffensive idea. The following poem is not as much about murder as it is about absorbing inspiration from an observation.
Also, it’s a result of binge watching Hannibal.


I prod your neck with my thumb

And search intently for the throb

Of your nervous pulse

To stopper it, once and for all.

I trace your shivering silhouette

With the edge of my knife

Slashing softly through a trail

Of excited goosebumps.

Almost lovingly, I brush

The unkempt strands of black silk

Off your face, tucking them gently

Behind your diamond studded ear.

Lazily, I nibble that delicate earlobe

And enjoy the rush of your heartbeat

Against my prodding thumb; your gasp

Fogs my senses with unearthly exhilaration.

The irony in my eyes latches on to the magnetic

shock that reverberates through your stifled screams

As I tighten my hold o’er your neck

And o’er the beautiful concept of your existence.

Every stab is an exquisite dedication,

A token of humble appreciation

From a mystified admirer of long.

With my bare hands, I squeeze your life out

Then I catch its raw exuberance in my fists,

And splash it upon a waiting white canvas.

This is my design.

8 thoughts on “Dysphemism

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  1. It describes how murders are a thought process inside a psychopath’s head. They almost see it as a work of art, something they even might had been able to write a poetry about, had they been in possession of your writing skills!


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