A humble dedication to the poet behind the resplendent blog ‘Lifetime of Thoughts’ and a small token of congratulations on his successful completion of NaPoWriMo by a proud follower.


Staring at the ceiling above the bed I sleep in

I am flooded with homesickness

that upsets these walls, these mirrors I grew up with.

Too long, I waited by the doors and the windows,

Pressing my lips on their cold glass and whispering your name,

letting the icy echo melt in my smoldering eyes and roll down my face.

I waited, and I waited longer and then I waited some more, until the day that I stopped

So, don’t come back to me or step down for me.

For I am not waiting anymore;

I am moving.

I am moving against grains, and roots, and winds and waves

I am moving through currents, shadows, gaps of time and space

And it may take me more than a day, a month, an year

And it may test my limits, my faith and my fears

But I am moving to you;

to you, I am making my way

slower than tomorrow perhaps, but faster than yesterday.

4 thoughts on “जुगलबंदी

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  1. Slower than tomorrow, but faster than yesterday. This was more beautiful in words and meaning. Thank you for such a wonderful gesture!

    Liked by 1 person

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