Stories en route: A #snailmail project

There are practically three people in my life who had ever written letters to me. Today I add another one to that list, only this time he wasn’t my grandfather or my lover or my closest friend – he was a stranger. Initially, I admit to thinking he was just making me a part of a short-lived letter-writing craze. I thought I’d be getting a template letter that he’d be sending to dozen others who has signed up for his little project. How mistaken I was I only realised upon receiving his post.

I am an email, text messages and tweets person but nothing replaces the joy of reading hand-written letters; the ink imprinted upon that page, the words chosen and inscribed were solely and specially for me, even when the writer didn’t know a thing about me. There was this childlike excitement that I believed to be long extinct, as I impatiently tore open the package and read its contents. I now am inspired to share those feelings.

So if you’re someone who still believes in letters, who likes receiving them, reading them and/or replying to them, send me your names and addresses on
If you’d like, tell me a little something about yourself which could help me write you a better letter. And if there’s something you’d like me to specifically write about, mention that too, please. My efforts will be to make the letters worth your time, in the least 🙂

If you’re someone who lives in India, the letter will be posted to the address you give. However, I am yet to find a courier service I can trust with international posts. Till the time I find one that fits my requirements (and budget, hah), I’ll be sending scanned copies of handwritten letters to all those who live outside India. It nearly beats the purpose of the entire exercise, I get the irony but it’s only a temporary arrangement.

For the love of rereading,


2 thoughts on “Stories en route: A #snailmail project

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  1. I love receiving letters and love the idea of writing letters – but the effort…

    Last letter I wrote was a condolence card to my old sunday school teacher whrn her husband died. She’d seemed ancient when I was a kid so she must be about 200years old now. Anyway, I included my address in the letter to her hoping she’d write back- and she did snd it was so exciting to get a letter!

    Your project is a great idea! 😊

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