For The Love of Rollercoasters

Love. Or as you know it, Vasu. Vasu is difficult to love, but you pull through. And today is the fateful day you win your love over It’s scary. You know. But Vasu deserves it, you know that too. So you grit your teeth, and ball up your fists. There are seven obstacles in the way. Hurdles, giant and intelligent. You inhale. Today, you win.

You take the first obstacle by surprise. Corner it in its own place of power and overpower it using your hands only. You scratch it, tear it and push it away. When it punches you, you punch back and back till it shatters. You cripple its core and then pull it out, like the weeds that grow in your dainty rose garden. You are but a gardener, watering the seeds of love. You smile.

Like a ninja again, you take down the second one. This is turning out to be easier that you thought. Perhaps, this is what you were born for. Loving Vasu. You jump and stamp and jump on this obstacle, your spirits flying high. You jump till there is nothing left to jump on. You like how familiar this feels, like the videogame you played as a kid.

The third one is more prepared and the fourth one is armed. They’re out to get you by the looks of it, by hook or crook. You run, evade, hide. And just when the moment is right, you strike. In Vasu’s name you strike. Blood pounding in your ears, your muscles twitching berserk. You are proud of your victory. It feels right.

The fifth one knocks the wind out of you before you even ready your stance. Left lung, right cheek, and a swift kick that narrowly misses your crotch and lands on your thigh. You fall on your knees. This is exciting. Panting, gasping, you get up, only to be pushed down again. This is irritating. You run our tongue over your teeth and when the moment allows, you bite the obstacle where it kills. You are strong, you are agile. If there’s anyone who will do this for Vasu, it’s you. You know it.

For taming the sixth obstacle, you need help. You call a friend. You need direction. The friend doesn’t receive her phone. You make a mental note, and add it on top of stack of similar notes you’ve made in the past. When nothing of assistance comes into view, you resort to home remedies. Melodramatic things, really. Not your beat. But effective, when it comes to defeating a monstrous obstacle. You throw things at it, with the bravery of Achilles and the temerity of David. One day, they’ll write stories about you. You already know it.

And finally, the Demogorgon. You are one obstacle away from Vasu. You get attacked first, beaten to pulp and then some. But the thought of coming so close, keeps you from succumbing to despair. You lose an arm and there’s too much blood in your eyes but now, it’s as if you’ve acquired a taste for crossing hurdles, for winning. The excitement, it’s so akin to riding a rollercoaster. You look back and take inspiration from the journey you’ve had so far. The obstacles you’ve overcome, the enemies you’ve battled. You tell yourself all dangers and risks are nothing but your fears performing pantomimes in your head. Vasu needs this from you. She needs you to win. And then, it only takes one fatal blow to end it all.

Victory is yours.
Vasu is yours.

You sit on a throne made of solved problems. And ponder upon the best ways to present this beautiful gift to your ever-beautiful beloved. Vasu is averse to all melodrama, but you can’t help wanting to go big again. So you choose the adventure park you first met her, two years ago. The rollercoaster you both sat on together. You were two strangers when it began, and by the end of it your hands were clasped together like superglue.

You bring her there, her eyes blindfolded. It’s a true surprise, she can’t stop talking about it, asking about it. It’s almost frantic. Her impatience is irritating. You help her into the cart, and sit with her, holding her hand. It’s sweaty, but so is love. The ride turns on, you remove her blindfold.

There is something unearthly in her screams today. As if she can’t understand why all of her family members have been tied to the rails of the ride. She screams, cries, vomits. By the end of it, she faints on your chest. She looks so peaceful. So you guess, everything’s still okay.




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