As You Leave

NaPoWriMo #14

चलते समय
सुभद्राकुमारी चौहान

तुम मुझे पूछते हो ’जाऊँ’?
मैं क्या जवाब दूँ, तुम्हीं कहो!
‘जा…’ कहते रुकती है जबान
किस मुँह से तुमसे कहूँ ’रहो’!!

सेवा करना था जहाँ मुझे
कुछ भक्ति-भाव दरसाना था।
उन कृपा-कटाक्षों का बदला
बलि होकर जहाँ चुकाना था॥

मैं सदा रूठती ही आई,
प्रिय! तुम्हें न मैंने पहचाना।
वह मान बाण-सा चुभता है,
अब देख तुम्हारा यह जाना॥



As You Leave
Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

‘Should I go?’, when you ask,
What should I say, tell me.
My tongue slips, stutters, stops before saying, ‘go’
But from where do I gather the courage to say,


I was to serve you,
And show some feeling of devotion,
I was to repay your mercy
By surrendering myself,

But every moment I was only vain and displeased.
Dear beloved! I failed
To see you, to know you, to understand you.
And now that vanity pierces me like a thousand arrows
When I look at you leaving this way.

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