And with the thundering dispersal of the conference of old white clouds, a sky so blue graduates to hues of blood and bruises. Winds race to the horizon that smells faintly of a yellow candle burning in its center. (maybe its the pollution)        


i don't like how familiar i am with the exhausted sigh of autumn's last leaf. i don't like how easily recognizable the sound of broken dreams is to me. i don't like how the dying flower's last puff of fragrance resonates in my blood. i don't like how restful i feel in the company of... Continue Reading →

photographs from the family album

Navy blue sofas, faded at the rims A circular glass fixed on a short wooden tripod, nonchalantly sitting in the space between us; the table serves no purpose. It is too far from both our sofas to be useful for anything. Pretty much like our conversation, that ran out of life five seconds after it began.... Continue Reading →

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