Great things were expected from Bocchi from the minute he was born. He was, after all, the only son of our leader, our messiah, our saviour. While Bocchi was a swift boy and far brighter than most kids his age, he was more like a jack of all trades. Over time no one had been... Continue Reading →

The Stealing of Kisses

The sun of late morning coloured Rehnoor’s eyelids red on the inside. She enjoyed the sun rays groping for the slightest taste of her skin that rested within layers of winter clothing. At the south of her neck a drop of sweat arose and tapered down to her chest before losing its way to gravity.... Continue Reading →

Love Loves Love Not – II

Pratyoush was a more hot-and-cold kind of lover. Some days he would seem so distant, as if he barely knew me. And other days, he would text me so much that I had to beg him to let me sleep. His parents had strictly prohibited him from seeing me or talking to me. Like that... Continue Reading →

Love Loves Love Not – I

My romance with Pratyoush Binoy Banerjee was epic in Bollywood-shattering levels. It was love at first sight for the both of us, young kids as we were of 7 or 8 years. My birthday party. Even then, the very sight of me walking towards him in that frilly yellow frock made him stammer and ramble.... Continue Reading →

Have you heard of the turbaned man?

That’s a terribly huge turban! exclaims the maiden from behind her veil. Biting her tongue the very next moment, she hopes that she hasn’t been heard; but she has been, loud and clear, in spite of the man’s ears being almost completely hidden under the twisted folds of his extravagant turban. The scene is abuzz with... Continue Reading →

The Garland Weaver

His hands smell of blood and rose, from all the times the callous needle dug into his flesh instead of the flowers. At 14, he has weaved more garlands than stars in the dreary summer sky. Blood doesn’t seep out of this wounds anymore, there isn’t much left of that in his frail weather beaten... Continue Reading →

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