When will it end?

Dearest luv, I don't quite understand the Kashmir debate that raises passion and aggression throughout our country, but I do feel its extent of impact. The struggle people face here makes no legit sense to us, because we can't even imagine what must their lives be like. We are outsiders, no matter how hard we... Continue Reading →

Hence goes my voyage of self discovery

Dearest luv, Temperatures have reduced by 10° here, thanks to the rain. But I was wrong about Ganga turning muddy in effect. Untarnished, unblemished she flows with the same divinity as described in our mythology. Why do we call our literature 'mythology'? Myth, in its very essence means lies. मिथ्या, that which is fiction. Our... Continue Reading →

Free Flowing Magic called Ganga

Dearest luv, My mornings begin before sunrise here. Simply because you just can't afford to miss a sunrise in the mountains. Do you paint? I wonder why I don't know the answer to that already, it's so basic. Anyway, the closest analogy I could find for the today's sunrise was God trying to decide what... Continue Reading →

Photosynthesis sisehtnysotohP

Snarky jets of sunlit flair Sizzle through my shadow, Steaming my skin till It gets soft and wrinkled, ready to remove. Minute by minute, scorching rays Peel the layers off my silhouette And saute my corporeal possessions With a pinch of salt from faraway waves And a dash of mint from the misty mountains Finally,... Continue Reading →


A humble dedication to the poet behind the resplendent blog 'Lifetime of Thoughts' and a small token of congratulations on his successful completion of NaPoWriMo by a proud follower.

A Story

He’s the writer. She’s the (re)blogger.

Lifetime Of Thoughts

He strung his guitar. She cleared her throat. Love was in the tune.

He got a haircut. She charged him for it. Love was in the lack of obligations.

He was cold and indifferent. She was loud and mean. Love was in cold fires.

He was the silence of the mountains. She was their solidity. Love was Himalayan.

He ate his lunch. She made him cook for her. Love and starvation stayed separate.

He  worried for her. She dared, made him proud anyway. Love was in each other’s goals.

He was impatient and calm. She was sensible and impulsive. Love was in a mismatch.

He stayed headstrong and won. She stayed heart-strong and won. Love was win-win.

He picked goodness over luxury. She picked joy over prosperity. Love was happiness.

He bought a dog. She bought a dog. Love was 2 people and 2 dogs.

He gave his money away…

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