For The Love of Rollercoasters

Love. Or as you know it, Vasu. Vasu is difficult to love, but you pull through. And today is the fateful day you win your love over It’s scary. You know. But Vasu deserves it, you know that too. So you grit your teeth, and ball up your fists. There are seven obstacles in the... Continue Reading →

Mahabharata: Rising Action

Perhaps what I love the most about Mahabharata is the flawed nature of all its characters. Their grey features. Their is no cut-to-cut definition of dharma or 'right' in this text, for every circumstance, action and event has an indispensable backstory to it. And when you take all factors into consideration, there's hardly any space... Continue Reading →

Mahabharata: The Birth

The Mahabharata is the longest epic ever written, generally thought to have been composed in the 4th century BCE or earlier. It is either categorized as history or as myth; it is both, while being neither. The Mahabharata is itihasa. The text was originally composed in Sanskrit, where the central narrative is about two branches of a... Continue Reading →

And with the thundering dispersal of the conference of old white clouds, a sky so blue graduates to hues of blood and bruises. Winds race to the horizon that smells faintly of a yellow candle burning in its center. (maybe its the pollution)        


i don't like how familiar i am with the exhausted sigh of autumn's last leaf. i don't like how easily recognizable the sound of broken dreams is to me. i don't like how the dying flower's last puff of fragrance resonates in my blood. i don't like how restful i feel in the company of... Continue Reading →

photographs from the family album

Navy blue sofas, faded at the rims A circular glass fixed on a short wooden tripod, nonchalantly sitting in the space between us; the table serves no purpose. It is too far from both our sofas to be useful for anything. Pretty much like our conversation, that ran out of life five seconds after it began.... Continue Reading →

The Saga of Shining Shoes

​My shoes shine. Like a piece of the sun that melted because of its own heat and floated in  the space for a billion years, only to be caught in the vents of a Russian spacecraft that was aimlessly revolving around the earth to collect information that would be the same as yesterday and the... Continue Reading →

The Winter Has Come

an orphanage of contradictions  housing dreams of dramatic passions  I'm a tenant to my own dreams paying rent to a loud landlord in pieces of my metaphorical flesh and metaphorical courage more metaphor than blood am I diverse discrepancies tied in knots around a gift wrapped in ashes of a history textbook of mistakes. read me... Continue Reading →

My tribe

We are merchants of empathy No breadwinners dine in our company. The poverty of our bodies nourishes our souls and flows in fragrant verses out of our very pores We make a craft out of untruths so fantastic Snatching snippets of inspiration to stitch our magic tricks In a jumble of phrases, we watch your... Continue Reading →


  Every crevice of this city has folded the smell of the sea and stored it deep inside its pockets. The minute you enter, your nostrils reluctantly submit to the overpowering freshness of the ceaselessly indecisive waves and your skin begins to itch for their salty dryness to carve their stories in your palms and feet... Continue Reading →

Photosynthesis sisehtnysotohP

Snarky jets of sunlit flair Sizzle through my shadow, Steaming my skin till It gets soft and wrinkled, ready to remove. Minute by minute, scorching rays Peel the layers off my silhouette And saute my corporeal possessions With a pinch of salt from faraway waves And a dash of mint from the misty mountains Finally,... Continue Reading →


A humble dedication to the poet behind the resplendent blog 'Lifetime of Thoughts' and a small token of congratulations on his successful completion of NaPoWriMo by a proud follower.

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